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DesignWhat we offer...

There are 4 separarted appartments. In each of them are 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, spacious living room with a kitchen and dining-room (American style), terrace. Each appartement is suitable and comfortable for 4 people. A big garden and parking area also belongs to the house. Extras: SAT Tv, microwave oven, coffee mashine, outdoor barbecue and a swing bed. We also provide bed clothes.


This summer house is located on the waterfront, close to the centre of Balatonfenyves. Restaurants, cafeterias, grocery stores and boutiques can be found in few minutes walk.

The place is great for families with children as it has a 1 km beach for free - with sandy beach areas, playgrounds and volleyball courts.

CodingWhy is it different?

Fenyves with its convenient, free beaches and peaceful places attracts many tourists. Behind the settlement the legendary ancestor Nagyberek nature reserve can be found as well as the Csisztapuszta spa and international equestrian orbital. People can find there also revamped grand holiday villas.

Why exactly Balatonfenyves?

  • 1km beach for free
  • Its beach is excellent for families with children- sandy beach areas, playgrounds, volleyball courts
  • Favorable winds, people cannot be drifted toward the deep water by the wave, shallow water, kids can safely play in the water
  • A surf school and a variety of water sports can be found on the beach
  • Bicycle and pedal boat rental is available
  • Regular cultural programs and events for entertaining the guests
  • Trip opportunities by the little railway in the Nature Reserve around Balatonfenyves
  • In case of bad weather, there is a thermal pool in Csisztapuszta (10km away- it can be reached by car, bike etc.) The popular thermal spa Zalakaros is 30 km away.
The coat of Arms of Balatonfenyves

The coat of Arms of Balatonfenyves

Some thoughts about the history of Balatonfenyves

The history of naming Balatonfenyves is dating back to the end of the nineteenth century when Imre Széchenyi gave parcels in this area for grape growers whose previous vineyards had been ruined because of the phylloxera epidemic. The settlers also planted saplings beside the vineyard seedlings. A significant number of pine and black pine was also planted so the pine has become the symbol of the settlement and gave the name since 1912.

The bath life began in this settlement at the turn of the XIX-XX. century. Kacskovics Lajos, the County Vice set a good example as he built a mansion-like villas close to the beach area. In the following decades, they started turning up the lands into lots and large and small villas were built. Not only the number of tourists increased but also the number of permanent residents.

In 1932 the spa association was formed. During their operation new roads and bathing areas were built and relaxing areas were formed. A year later the settlement received the rank of the resort town. During the nationalization after the Second World War, many villas became corporate holiday hotels. At the beginning of the 1950s a prisoner camp was built on the Nagy-berek infertile soil: political prisoners grew cotton there, but the prisoners took part in the construction of the railway as well.

In 1990 the settlement gained its independence again and could preserve the image that distinguishes from other villages by the lake.


  • Kitchen with microwave, gas stove and coffee maker
  • Outdoor barbecue, outdoor cooking facilities
  • Covered terrace
  • More car parking spaces
  • SAT TV


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